5 Forgotten Trends that made a Big Revival the Last Few Years!

October 30 2023
5 Forgotten Trends that made a Big Revival the Last Few Years!
The denim industry is always moving. Especially when it comes to trends and developments. Some are just here for a few days while others last a long time This is something that happens in every industry, but especially within the fashion and denim industry.
Wouter MunnichsOctober 30 2023

The denim industry is always moving. Especially when it comes to trends and developments. Some are just here for a few days while others last a long time This is something that happens in every industry, but especially within the fashion and denim industry. Denim itself is everywhere and always there since miners started to wear denim pants around 1850. Jeans and denim went through a huge evolution over all the years, but never disappeared. That’s a victory in itself as not many fabrics or fashion design styles achieved this so far. Sometimes a certain denim trend evolves to the next phase. Some denim trends are getting better which age to keep it in denim terms. Denim trends are also influenced by factors such as economy, innovation, mindset, and nostalgia to name a few. But which denim trends were forgotten many years ago but made a very strong comeback in the last years? Let’s highlight 5 of them to make a trip down memory lane while at the same time being in the present more than ever. Here you go!

Double Denim

Double denim is a term that is used when someone is wearing denim on denim. For example, a denim Western shirt on a pair of jeans. Or a denim jacket on jeans. They also call this outfit styling the Denim Tuxedo. If you take a look back in history, people were wearing double denim as workwear always this way. This was their outfit to get the job done. When denim was made as a fashion style during the fifties and sixties, double denim was seen by some famous actors such as James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Marilyn Monroe. But, the average Joe wasn’t wearing this so-called rude boy style. It was the 1980s when double denim was a big hit amongst everyone. During this specific period, the denim shirt also made its comeback. Denim was worn oversized, with the denim shirt tucked in the jeans. If you take a look these days on the streets, many people adopted this double denim style again. It was away for a while, and only the hardcore denim aficionados were dressed like this. Now, it doesn’t matter if you walk into a small denim boutique or a big fast fashion retailer, double denim is always represented.

Patched Jeans

Many used to patch their jeans when they were broken. This was because most people couldn’t afford a new pair of jeans, so to extend its lifetime, they fixed it. Most of the time they used another pair of jeans, cut out a piece of fabric, and sewn it. Many years later, people didn’t repair their jeans anymore. Luckily the mindset of people is different now. The group of denim wearers who are more conscious is growing every day. And they handle their jeans with care. So, when their jeans rip, they fix it. This can be done very subtly and using a tonal piece of denim fabric, but also more expressive with a lighter or darker denim fabric. Popular last year was the Japanese Sashiko technique. This technique was born out of the fact of repairing your clothes with just an easy and simple hand-stitch method. Most of the time they used all kinds of decorations on a patch that they sewn by hand on the jeans or jacket. All kinds of creative patterns can be added. Using this technique, or just a classic sewn-on patch, makes your jeans or jacket look richer. And above all, you can distinguish yourself from others. Something that made a big revival in the last years as showing a certain craftsmanship is hotter than ever. Even in denim stores, you will see many examples of patched jeans, whether it's a patchwork or Sashiko.

Boyfriend Jeans

The first official jeans for women were launched during the early 1930s. Until then, many women were wearing pairs of blue jeans that originally were made for men. That was simply the only way if they wanted to wear jeans as well. Women's fits evolved over all the years and ended up that they are totally different than for men's. In fact, women have their specially designed jeans collections these days. But, part of these collections are also the boyfriend jeans. Most of the time a wider cutted pair, a classic so-called five pocket jeans style. Typical boyfriend jeans can be worn on the hips, nonchalant and easygoing. Perfect to style with sneakers, or flip-flops during Summer or even with a classy heel when going out. The boyfriend jeans are indispensable these days. Most women have an example in their closet as it feels comfortable to wear and has a cool look too. Perfect to vary in your daily denim outfits.

Cuffed Jeans

When jeans entered the market they were most of the time not produced in different lengths. Therefore more people cuffed the jeans when wearing. But, another key element was that most of these jeans were made with shrink-to-fit denim fabrics. This means that the fabric wasn’t Sanforized. Sanforized denim fabrics (invented by American Sanford L. Cluett in the late 1920s) are treated at the denim mill to reduce shrinking. Normally Sanforized fabrics will shrink around 1 – 3%. So, they started to wear their jeans cuffed, knowing when they would wash their jeans it would shrink. Most of the jeans these days are made with Sanforized denim fabrics, so they will not shrink that much anymore. But still, cuffing your jeans is something you will see everywhere. Whether it's a denim head who is cuffing their jeans to show that his or her jeans are made with an authentic selvage fabric or a person who likes to roll up his pair as a fashion statement. It’s for sure something that came big during the last few years. Also above all, adopted by many!

Non-seasonal Styles

Highlighting the last trend that made a big revival in the last years is the non-seasonal denim styles. Before jeans and denim became so huge as a fashion style, there weren’t collections at all. People were just wearing a denim jacket and jeans to do their daily job. Whether they were a miner, farmer, or whatever. Then, especially after World War 2, brands started to design more and more seasonal clothing styles. Styles that can be worn during the Winter or Summer. These days you will see that many items can be worn all year round. Non-denim and denim designs. From new denim styles, to vintage look jeans, and not to forget second-hand styles. You see this trend also within Calik Denim’s Retro Cult collection. Denim can be worn each time and for each occasion. This wasn’t the case all the time, but especially after covid most brands have a more sustainable approach and aren’t developing each season a complete new collection. Non-seasonal styles are not a trend, in the end, they will be the standard. And that’s a good sign, isn’t it?!

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