Reimagining Tomorrow

In the ever-changing landscape of modern life, characterized by rapid social and technological evolution, the importance of reviving manual and traditional skills, as well as an holistic and pragmatic approach, is increasingly recognized. This return to tradition is driven by the desire to satisfy needs in a more interconnected and conscious manner. The priority is physical well-being, a natural inclination to invest in sustainable practices, nutritious foods and enriching experiences that contribute to an overall sense of gratification. In parallel with this change, the approach to fashion and consumption is undergoing a transformation. Denim, synonymous with utility, is now being reinvented in the Calik Denim collection to better fit contemporary lifestyles. Different shades of indigo are explored, drawing inspiration from history and the world around us. The functionality of denim is enhanced by ergonomic designs that promote comfort and freedom of movement. At the heart of this evolution is Calik Denim’s constant commitment to sustainability and circularity: the importance of considering the entire lifecycle of a garment , from its beginning to its end of life, is recognized. By adopting responsible manufacturing practices and exploring innovative methods, the goal pursued is to minimize environmental impact while maximizing longevity and durability. The Calik Denim autumn-winter collection testifies this ethic of adaptability and innovation. Each fabric combines style and sustainability, offering innovative constructions and a color palette that reflects the richness of the global community. Together, let's embrace this journey of transformation and shape a future where fashion is not just a reflection of style, but also of sustainability and of a conscious lifestyle.

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Mastery Resonance

Echoes of Transformation

In a world fueled by innovation and knowledge, fashion emerges from the depths of transformation. Drawing inspiration from a sea of experimentations and connections, Calik Denim embarks on a renewed journey guided by values forged over time. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Calik Denim charts a course through the shifting currents of denim fashion. The essence of blue denim's origin intertwines with the demands of an awakened society. The call for transparency echoes profoundly as Calik, already trailblazer of yesterday, rises to embrace an eco-conscious present. This renaissance transcends the mere collection; it's a testament to a decade-long dedication. Calik's bedrock, founded on trust and authenticity, envelops enduring fabrics that embody its newfound ethos. Illuminated by insight, each fabric is meticulously examined, utilizing cutting-edge technology. In this age of reframing, Calik Denim aspires to forge a fresh inception—a path which makes authenticity converge with modernity. As the fashion industry navigates its heritage and prospects, Calik's research embodies hope and rebirth, mirroring the spirit of an era that yearns not just for evolution, but even for revolution.

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Reviviscence Uncover Authenticity

The rapidly evolving market brings forward new challenges for fashion: to become more flexible and resilient, to have an accelerated approach and a positive pulse of circularity, to meet new demands and expectations.

In this new transforming scenario, Calik Denim proposes new products with multifunctional attitudes, reorganizing existing elements combined with high technological progress to obtain a well-made design offering solutions to conscious consumers. Denim responds to the opposing emerging needs: the need for a conservative approach with functional everyday products, and the search for garments which create freedom for self-expression. The timeless quality of denim is reinterpreted in many forms: from though workwear to opulent surfaces, from noble natural fibres to technological futurism. Bio-ability combined with flexible performance for everyday use can help people live a better working life and benefit their well-being and that of the planet. Comfortable and performing fabrics give life to expressive aesthetics which embrace fluid identities. The ongoing principle shifts from "game changer" to "care taker": whatever the small steps taken in daily life or the big changes in new production developments, all actions are focused on leaving the environment better than we found it, increasing and accelerating the transformation already underway.

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bluEVASION Unlocked Boundaries

At this significant time in our history the main priority is to implement change in the systems of generation both of style and creativity.

To regenerate fashion, in particular its cultural and social functions, we must redefine our approach to all projects, as well as in the way we work and live. All current methods of production have the potential to be rewritten and improved by directly addressing climate change and global population growth, through the use of biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Many broad combinations of synergistic skills are needed to design a responsible future namely: craftsmanship, digital creativity, scientific data analysis, biology and the study of the evolution of society. For the Spring Summer 2023 season, Calik Denim continues its progress towards change. This is a path of evolution and improvement of new and innovative solutions, using many of these analyses and design tools. The Calik Denim collection seeks a new dimension by thinking beyond boundaries. By adopting alternative results in resource and energy saving, as well as with broad yet detailed analysis of things and people. It is during this time of profound change and crises which we are all experiencing, that opportunities arise. This is a movement of enlightenment that gives impetus to revolution. It is by experimenting, innovating and creating new solutions that it could be possible to open the way forwards to take the biggest step to break down barriers.

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Blue Coalescence Leading the Change

The union of talents and the fusion of forces are the primary objectives to address emerging needs.

The new aims and creative vision of fashion are merging into a multidisciplinary exchange, which involves the work of engineers, creatives and producers at different stages of the process. In this collective effort, the goal is to change the practices of the denim industry by connecting talents to influential game changers to make a difference in terms of environmental justice and for new creations of reusable and renewable materials and energies. That’s why the Spring Summer 24 Collection is driving the shift from manufacturing denim only for fashion to products that clearly demonstrate Calik Denim’s global responsibility to help reduce dependence on raw materials that are heavy on the environment. Coalescing products in combinations and compositions that serve to touch the earth lightly. This is the merging of creative elements which form a collection of forward reaching, innovative products. These coalesce, proclaiming the strongest message of creativity and responsibility. Progress through innovation is achieved by combining elements to create not only novelty but also essential denims that enhance our lifestyles. Such advanced practices meet reinterpreted knowledge improving both product and production to meet future demands. It is the elements contained in these renewed intentions that will serve to encourage better choices.

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SEQUENCY Tomorrow's Code

A new sense of community and consciousness, along with a cultural reconstruction, has been generated as a post-pandemic effect.

The time of isolation from others, inside our own spaces, has generated a flourishing of global connections, helping the comparison with and sharing of visions and ideas. The rise of digital technology, as a new frontier, brings a virtual expansion and a series of innovations, ways of thinking and acting and generates a real revolution. A global reorganization and direction towards a circular and ecological transition is driven by the nature and urgency of climate change. The result of these multiple influences is the implementation of collaborations, the transition to a new model, an acceleration of the ongoing transformation and, finally, the emerging of unexpected opportunities. “Sequency” represents precisely this moment of positive continuity for Calik Denim’s business, in a historical period in which we are witnessing multifaceted and intense evolutions. The overcoming of this and other phases of change, increasing movement towards the future, is realized in when the generation of new actions is actively kept alive. This word, in fact, is identified as a sequence of elements, many parts of past and present experiences that alternate, dismantling and reassembling in new forms. The AW 22/23 collection is the vivid expression of this: a sequence that generates change and that keeps the principles of the past alive, while regenerating itself with the codes of the future.

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BLUEPHILIA Rewired Existence

In the new normality, the barriers between real and virtual have merged, there is no longer a difference between “online” and “offline”, but there is an “onlife”.

In the new normality, the barriers between real and virtual have merged, there is no longer a difference between “online” and “offline”, but there is an “onlife”. In this strange situation we need to understand the rules with which to face the new continent where we have just landed. Where scenarios change with surprising speed and we are constantly attracted to all that is alive and vital, unconsciously seeking connections with the rest of life on the planet. Living on the edge of reality is becoming the norm. The global health crisis has increasingly compelled we humans to connect with each other in a more positive sense within digital communities to convey a moral closeness. Which is why the distinctions between the old and new generations is constantly blurring, creating an updated universal tribe of connected netizens. The frontier of digitalization in fashion is the first requirement. Brands use new tools to reach the consumer, using professional apps and 3D design to describe their collections; we become as avatars for a virtual reality experience. In BLUEPHILIA virtuality, netizens are more active and aware than ever and demand a safer world and life by spreading positive currents of thought such as human equality and the body neutrality movement; expressing both primary and holistic human needs to create something useful and worthy. It is with a sense of global responsibility that CALIK DENIM endeavours to both strengthen and to challenge these assumptions at every stage of production, both digitally and physically to nourish the well-being of society and to help environmental recovery reach a new form of empathy with the earth.

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LOXODROME The Indigo Route

We are glad to introduce our AW 21/22 Collection: LOXODROME the indigo route.. The indigo route of our Loxodrome is a synonym of respect for the environment, for a new well-being and conscious view in which body and mind are intimately connected.

LOXODROME the indigo route "To keep the ship's direction steady, sailors use a method called Loxodromic navigation: the route is maintained by following a rhumb line on the surface of the Earth that crosses each meridian at the same angle.” To make better choices, researches, innovations and creations, while respecting the diversity and values of others, a "navigation system" is necessary. What we are going through is a phase of "metamorphosis", in which radical changes converge and remould forever the way we live, travel, work and interact. It’s essential to understand all the elements that make up and feed this transformation: technology, culture, wellness, ecology and safeguarding of resources, guided and accelerated by a demographic evolution and its generational turnover. This is how we can find the right direction: following the common threads that unite all of these elements, the growing personal desire and the community’s needs. Technology offers the opportunity to express ideas, the tool to share them in the best way possible, to harvest experiences and establish collaborations.The constant connections have the ability to put in motion real cultural changes and give access to many means of information. Fashion is called to responsible choices by activism, which demands change, transparency and equity. The indigo route of Calik Loxodrome is a synonym of respect for the environment, for a new well-being and conscious view in which body and mind are intimately connected. Begin the journey guided by this awareness path.

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