The New Porsche Design-Puma 3D Future-Minded Sneaker

May 10 2023
The New Porsche Design-Puma 3D Future-Minded Sneaker
Porsche Design, the prestigious car brand’s design related objects, has just launched a highly innovative sneaker model, the new 3D MTRX sneaker, created in collaboration with the international sporting goods manufacturer Puma.

What especially distinguishes this sneaker model is that for the first time, both premium brands are using an innovative midsole created by a 3D printer. The unique grid design–the “matrix”–of the midsole is based on the Porsche Design logo, and each cube of the matrix structure is modeled upon the shape of the PD logo. The 3D-printed lattice structure made of elastic high-performance materials offers higher performance and durability as well as higher comfort than comparable similar foam midsoles. Thanks to the innovative "Superior Energy Return” technology, every vertical force, like for instance every step taken by the wearer, is converted into a horizontal forward movement. The sole thus reinforces the natural running movement and ensures that up to 83% of the vertical energy exerted by the runner can be "recovered" and transferred. This significantly increases the athlete's performance. Read more on

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