New UN Reports Show How Fashion Industry Can Lighten its Carbon Footprint

August 26 2023
New UN Reports Show How Fashion Industry Can Lighten its Carbon Footprint
UN releases reports to guide fashion industry mitigate climate change Credits: COP26, United Nations

The UN Climate Change’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action has released two reports designed to assist the fashion sector in comprehending strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions across the entire spectrum of raw material activities. Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, Sector Engagement Lead at UN Climate Change, praises these reports as vital tools to understand the impact data within the fashion and apparel domain. Expanding beyond the 2021 report, "Identifying Low Carbon Sources of Cotton and Polyester," the new reports delve into the vital raw material domains of animal fibers and man-made cellulosics, which hold significance within the global fashion landscape. The reports empower Fashion Charter signatories to devise strategies for trimming greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with the commitment to attain net-zero emissions by 2050. Textile Exchange spearheaded the development of these gap analysis reports within the Charter’s Raw Material Working Group, with significant input from prominent signatories including Lenzing, Canopy, VF Corporation, Reformation, Primark, Schneider Group, Fabrikology, New Enzymes, Sateri, and others.

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