Calik Denim Talks Regenerative Cotton, Biodegradable Technology at UN

June 14 2023
Calik Denim Talks Regenerative Cotton, Biodegradable Technology at UN
Calik Denim was a voice at the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network’s second annual meeting in New York City on June 1.

The meeting brought together more than 150 media, industry stakeholders, and UN representatives to highlight actions, solutions, and progress from the fashion and lifestyle sectors to advance knowledge and strengthen engagement to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. Calik was the only “denim supporting partner” at the meeting. Representatives from Lenzing, Renewcell and The Lycra Company were also in attendance. During a panel titled “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Designing a Better Future,” Selen Baltaci, the Turkish mill’s senior marketing communications executive, shared Calik’s leading eco-conscious technologies and its responsible production model. Baltaci highlighted B210, Calik’s environmentally friendly solution to biodegrade denim fabrics including ones with synthetic fibers, in 210 days, noting that the technology is approved and certified by independent organizations. Calik’s work supporting regenerative agriculture was also discussed. The mill’s Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection includes its first fabrics that contain regenerative cotton. The fabrics bear the Regenagri certification which ensures the integrity of regenerative-certified materials from farm to finished products.

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