5 Denim Trends That Will Only Get More Popular in the Future

October 02 2023
5 Denim Trends That Will Only Get More Popular in the Future
Trends come and go. This phenomenon is something that has been happening for ages. Some trends will stay longer than others, but as the word says, there’s a time that they will disappear and fade away.
Wouter MunnichsOctober 02 2023

Trends come and go. This phenomenon is something that has been happening for ages. Some trends will stay longer than others, but as the word says, there’s a time that they will disappear and fade away. On the other hand, sometimes a trend becomes the new standard. Like for example the slim fit jeans style. When it entered the market around 15 – 20 years ago, most people were wearing straight-cut jeans, especially men. When the slim fit was introduced, many men reacted not that positively and they thought it was quite feminine. But, if you take a look on the streets nowadays, most men (and also women) are wearing slim fits. It wasn’t a trend that would disappear, instead, it was a trend that was able to stay here forever. Or at least for so many years already. The different lifespans of denim trends The lifetime of some trends is super short, while others are longer. And some trends are coming back every decade or generation. Maybe tweaked a little bit, but still, the core is the same. Another example is the double denim look. In the 1980s, many pop idols were rocking this denim code, and even in the early nineties too. It disappeared for many years, but it looks like it's back forever now. Also, the denim fabric colors don’t need to be matched, all kinds of different shades of blue can be combined these days. It’s all good! The definition of trends The definition of a trend is: a) a general direction of change: a way of behaving, proceeding, etc., that is developing and becoming more common or b) something that is currently popular or fashionable. But what are 5 denim trends that will only get popular in the future? Let’s highlight them here below! 1. Timeless Basics. Items that can be worn all year round or for a very long period. It’s one of those trends that will get popular by many. Especially at a bit older generation. They don’t want to wear each week of a different look. They are steady with their style. They feel comfortable in that. But also the younger generation is wearing more classics that can be worn for many seasons. That’s a sustainable approach when it comes to buying, but it's also because more and more people are aware of buying less but better. And good timeless styles can be combined with almost everything. Especially when it comes to denim. It will only get better with age. And of course, you can still buy something outstanding and colorful. Especially when the rest of your outfit is more toned down, classy, and timeless. 2. Personalization Special. We all want to have something unique and special these days. Whether it’s a pair of custom-made sneakers with your initials embroidered, that designer bag with your personal touch, or your favorite jeans with a small but custom detail on the coin pocket for example. Or what about that jacket with a limited edition patch on the back? People love to stand out from the rest. A denim item with a special story attached. Or even a bespoke pair of jeans that is specially made for you. With your wishes like denim fabric, thread, buttons rivets, and so on. Tailored on your body type so it fits like a glove. People love these kind of personalizations. And luckily it seems that it will be available more and easier for everyone. 3. Transparency Conscious. People are more aware of what they are buying than before. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, they prefer bioproducts, or where your jeans is made and by whom. This trend will grow into a new standard. People would love to see in a blink of an eye where the cotton comes from, where the cotton is spun and woven into a denim fabric, where they cut and sew the fabric into a jeans or jackets. Calik Denim, a eco-conscious denim fabric manufacturer, for example, has invested in transparency. They attach great importance to collaborations on this issue with a holistic approach, and encourages the industry. Some brands offer already via a tool on their website an insight into their production chain. People can easily see each step of the chain so they know exactly what they are buying and where they are paying for. This movement is also linked to buying less, but better. A more conscious consumer that is willing to pay a little bit extra to be sure they’re buying a quality- and honest-made product. 4. Unisex Genderless. The time that specific clothes are made specifically for women or men is over. The designs of items seem to cross over. While some colors like pink for example used to be a typical female color, most men are wearing it too nowadays. Also, when zooming in on jeans fits. Women are wearing baggy styles and boyfriend looks, while many men are wearing skinny jeans. It used to be the other around. Next to that, many brands are creating more and more styles that can be worn by both genders. They become unisex and genderless. People don’t want to be placed in a box anymore, and therefore designs are needed that fit this mindset. This was a trend but is slowly evolving into a new standard. Denim is the perfect partner when it comes to unisex designs as it can be super easily developed so that both genders can wear it with pride. 5. Non-seasonal All your round. Some styles will always be attached to a certain season of the year. Like the winter jacket for example. Or snowboots. Or that warm and cozy woolen sweater. But, many styles, especially denim, can be worn all year round. Back in the day, people switched their wardrobes each season in their closet, from Summer to Winter. That time will be over, except for a few items. People would like to wear items all year round. Also, because the climate is changing, people like to wear layers. This is so they can easily skip a layer during the day when it's becoming warmer or add a layer during the evenings. Denim goes perfectly hand in hand with this trend as a denim shirt or jacket can always be your best friend when it is more chilly or simply can be taken out when the sun is coming through. Wearing (denim) styles all year round means also that we need fewer clothes. But it is about picking the right designs and styles that can be combined perfectly. Weather is Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.

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